Hunter Log Cabin

Photography Sessions

Have a family barn, building, or object you want photographed? While I do not photograph people (exceptions can be made), Kali Morgan Photography does offer other photography sessions to photograph and document objects, landscapes, and architecture. My exhibit on school architecture featuring over 100 photos is on permanent display at the Champaign-Ford County Regional Office of Education.

Photography print packages would be available, sessions ranging based on location and subject. A typical session would involve several landscape/overall photos and then various detail shots based on what is available and accessible. Contact for more information or to schedule a session.



Photo Restoration Services

Do you have old photos that have tears, water spots, or other age marks? Kali Morgan Photography now offers restoration services. Photos will be digitally edited to restore the photo to like new conditions. A digital scan of the original photo is required and the final product can be either print or digital. This service is not limited to photographs, old documents, licenses, wedding certificates and more can be restored.

Prices vary to level of complexity and amount of restoration needed but starts as low as $25. Contact for more information, price quote, or uploading instructions.




Digital Retouching

Kali Morgan Photography also offers digital retouching services. Whether its slight color adjustments, color enhancements, or more artistic touches, photos can be retouched exactly to your specifications, desires, or made to fit a larger project.

Digital Art

Do you have a vision of an image that is fantasy, fiction, or otherwise couldn’t actually be photographed? Digital art can be created from virtually nothing using software like Photoshop, Corel Painter, and more. These artworks can be used for a variety of purposes, projects, businesses, special occasions, etc.