Photo of the Day – 05/25/15

indiana dunes 01

It’s my birthday!  Another year, and for today…another birthday trip throwback!!  This is from 2 years when I went up to Indiana Dunes for the weekend.  The weather was HORRIBLE!!  It was cold and rainy except for the first night I was there.  These photos were taken with film using a build your own DIY Twin Lens Reflex camera.  They created a really cool vintage look that I love.  Below are a couple more!

indiana dunes 02

indiana dunes 03


Photo of the Day – 12/14/14


Oh Christmas balls, Oh Christmas balls!!  You are finally finished!  My lighted Christmas balls are finally done and look great.  I used the leftover chicken wire from Halloween to make these.  Tutorial I used is here.  I don’t think I used enough lights, personally, but I’m on a budget so it will have to do.  Below you will find the rest of the photos of my little display.  Yes, I put up inflatables, I think they are cute, and go nicely with the lights.  Christmas Panorama



Photo of the Day – 10/19/14


My Halloween display is (nearly) complete!  I made ghost dresses out of chicken wire.  I used a variety of tutorials and trial and error to make them.  Instead of painting them, I just strung a small string of purple LED lights in them. Unfortunately one of the strings was burnt out, will be replacing it soon.  I used the same tombstones out of foam that I made last year.  Be sure to check out the rest of the photos below.


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Halloween display 2014 wire dresses and cemetery

Photo of the Day – 9/29/14


Pumpkins are all done!  Part 1 of my Ghostly Elegance display for Halloween is completed.  I used a combination of techniques on these pumpkins.  For the one above, I cut out paper spider webs using this tutorial then spray painted them and glued them to the pumpkin.  I also made several other large spider webs I’ll be putting up in the windows.  The blue-green pumpkin was made from melting crayons.  The large pumpkin I decoupaged with newspaper then put different ribbons on it.




Photo of the Day – 9/25/14


Close up of 2 painted pumpkins.  This is another before photo of what will later be part of my Halloween display.  They are painted black and white for the theme I am going with this year, Ghostly Elegance.

Photo of the Day – 9/23/14


I know it is a bit early in the season for pumpkins but this is actually a before photo.  Found this wonderful white pumpkin for super cheap and am trying something different to decorate it for Halloween.  Look for those photos later on!