About Me

Me in front of Devil's Tower, WyomingAs a child, my father and grandfather are both photographers, and they passed their love of the art on to me. I started using my first SLR in middle school and continued to use it as my primary camera for many years. While finishing my undergraduate degree in Historic Preservation, I was asked to create a photography exhibit at the Early American Museum in Mahomet, Illinois. At that time, I had no professional experience as a photographer, but I managed to create and open my first museum exhibit that featured over 100 different photographs.

The exhibit was about school building architecture and the photographs focus on macro or unique architectural details of each school. The exhibit was open for a year before moving to its permanent home in the Champaign County Regional Office of Education in Rantoul, Illinois. This inspired me to earn a Masters Degree in Photography. It was during this time that I switched to digital photography and truly embraced my love of the art form and looked into it as a career.

I focus on photographs of nature and architecture, specifically macro images. I also find and enhance abstract qualities in my subject, allowing the viewer to question what they are looking at while embracing the colors, shapes, lines, and other abstractions that exist all around them.